Collection: Hoodies & Pants

On balmy summernights or by a crackling log fire, the longs deliver incredible comfort - they're the perfect complement to our shorts.

The most comfortable Pants

When the seasons call for something a little more substantial then switch to your Nuffinz pants for that extra comfy feeling. Our sustainable pants are made out of 100% organic cotton. The carbonized surface of our super-comfy pants makes sure that you will always be feeling like you’ve stuck your legs in a pair of clouds. Even though they’re chill-out pants, you can wear them pretty much anywhere, anytime (wear them to work, see what happens). We have long pants in many colors and sizes, get your own pair of relaxing pants today.

The most comfortable Hoodies

Now that you have experienced the heights of comfiness below your beltline, I bet you’re looking for more. Fear not, we have you covered (literally). The super-comfy hoodies from Nuffinz are just as heavenly as our other pieces. Now you can even get them as zip hoodies if you really want to feel the ocean breeze. Like with everything else in our collections, our organically produced hoodies and zip hoodies are made out of 100% cotton, sustainably sourced. We have hoodies and zip hoodies in many colors and sizes, get your own super-relaxing hoodie today.

High quality and fast delivery

Whether you decide to get one of our stylish hoodies or ultra-comfortable pants, (or maybe both), you can rest assured knowing that they’re sustainably sourced and ethically produced. Our new zip hoodies even feature a high-quality YKK zipper in the same color as the fabric of the hoodie. Order a super-comfy hoodie or some stylish pants now and they will be delivered in just a few days.